I had reached capacity at the mechanic’s shop that I was leasing and desperately needed more space to grow my business.  Through a mutual banking associate, I was referred to Mike Garcia as a potential means to construct my own building.  Little did I know, but Mike and his team were able to help not only with the “sticks and bricks” of building, but Mike helped me find a property with the right zoning for my business, helped me negotiate the sales price, and even helped me purchase additional acreage from the adjacent land owner when we discovered we needed more land to install the storm detention pond.  Where Mike really shined was his ability to help me get creative with my finances in order to make the project a reality.  My appraisal unfortunately came in low, which would have ended most projects, but Mike suggested ideas that helped me circumvent the issue while also getting ownership into my son’s name.  It truly was a win/win and achieved my goals of generational wealth for my family. 

As far as the construction was concerned, from the time our site permit was approved for construction to my occupancy permit for the building was just 6 months, with all my site and VDOT bonds released one month later!  I love my building and the increased capacity it provides my business.  Mike Garcia Construction is a top notch company with a knowledgeable and honest staff that truly made this stressful undertaking a bearable reality. 

I met Mike Garcia over 20 years ago while selecting a custom home builder to build a custom home.  To this day, I’m proud to say I still live in a Mike Garcia Construction home.  

My chiropractic business had been leasing Retail space for 18 years and since my experience working with Mike Garcia Construction was so positive that I contacted Mike to assist me in finding and securing a property that I could operate my chiropractic practice out of.  We found a residential property 2 miles away from my retail location on a heavily commercialized road with great visibility and road frontage, and we were able to negotiate a reasonable acquisition price.  Mike and his team assisted me in rezoning the property to B-1 zoning in one of the toughest counties to get approval in Northern Virginia.  To call it a roller coaster ride is an understatement.  After rezoning approval, Mike Garcia worked with me to design the site and building design to stay within my budget, and even more importantly, helped me put a “security blanket” around the entire project in order to make my bank comfortable.  The team worked with the county to get site plan approval and building permits to bring the older generation house up to current commercial codes, to include ADA compatibility and energy code compliance.  

As I mentioned above, this was a roller coaster ride from start to finish and it was not always a positive outlook.  I learned that I would need to elevate my “pain threshold” on what I was willing to take on financially and emotionally in order to own my place of business.  In the end, I came out the other side and my business is flourishing in the new location.  I cannot imagine having gone through this process with anyone else other than Mike Garcia and Mike Garcia Construction.  

The purpose of this letter is to explain briefly the business relationship between Marine Toys for Tots Foundation and Mike Garcia Construction Company (MGC) and the positive experience that resulted from that business relationship. 

In December 2006, as the President & CEO of Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, I made a verbal agreement for the construction of an office facility on property owned by Mr. Garcia, President & CEO of MGC. On February 9, 2007, we signed a formal agreement to confirm our earlier verbal agreement. On March 23, 2007, we had a groundbreaking ceremony on the construction site and construction began within days thereafter. From that date until December 17, 2007, my staff visited the site weekly, met with the construction supervisor and observed the progress. Within weeks of commencement of construction, MGC forged ahead of schedule. Mr. Garcia appointed his son, Michael, as the site supervisor. The performance of Michael can only be described as totally outstanding. He was always at the site and always fully aware of every aspect of the construction project. Clearly, the quality of the final product and the pace of activity were directly related to a competent, dedicated on­scene supervisor. 

On December 17, 2007, we held the first building inspection of the new facility which was approximately 95% complete at that point in time. We found only minor issues that needed attention. On January 9, 2008, we made the final inspection and determined that all items identified in December had been corrected. Importantly, MGC had completed the project within the agreed budget and ahead of the scheduled completion date. 

Tittoughout the building, MGC incorporated quality additions beyond what is notmally found in an office facility. This special customization transformed the building from an ordinary office facility into an impressive headquarters for a national charity. 

The combination of the design and quality construction enables this office facility to contribute positively to the Prince William County master plan for the refurbishment of the Highway #1 corridor through the eastern portion of the county. Most importantly, this facility provides the Foundation staff with a truly high quality work environment which will increase productivity and enhance morale. This translates into a more effective and efficient staff that will be able to provide more responsive and timely support to local Toys for Tots Coordinators, corporate sponsors, donors and supporters. The end result will be a more effective overall nationwide Toys for Tots Program. 

From the first meeting to the settlement on January 15, 2008, every aspect of the business partnership reflected professionalism and integrity. I feel strongly that it will be difficult to find a construction company that surpasses MGC in quality of workmanship or overall professionalism. When MGC takes on a project, the entire organization rallies behind Mike Garcia with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a determination to deliver the highest quality product in the timeliest manner possible. Concisely stated, it was a pleasure doing business with Mike Garcia and his team. 

Mike Garcia and his company provide an example that all others should strive to emulate. I would not undertake a future construction project without first consulting with Mike Garcia. I find him a man of the highest sense of honor and a professional of the first order. 

I enthusiastically recommend Mike Garcia and his company for any type construction project.

On behalf of the Prince William Health District, it is my sincere pleasure to offer this letter of recommendation for Mike Garcia Construction.

The Virginia Department of Health (Prince William Health District) contracted with Mike Garcia Construction in 2008 to build a new health facility at Parkway Commons in Woodbridge, VA which encompassed design coordination across multiple departments (WIC, Dental, dental equipment vendors, systems furniture, Prince William County Information Technology department, and the moving of staff). From the planning stage, throughout construction changes and change orders, the professionalism of Mike Garcia Construction was evident. To have obtained the level of quality and consistency throughout the design and construction process is a testament to their leadership and MGC's ability to "field the right team." It was through the excellent communication skills, their ability to work well under pressure, the technical knowledge of their superintendent and project manager, and ability to stay within the critical path of construction that they successfully delivered our project withing the projected schedule and under budget.

The quality and professionalism displayed were just what we expected from Mike Garcia Construction and just what we knew would have been difficult to find anywhere else. It is very apparent that Mike Garcia Construction is devoted to serving their clients in a most exceptional way.

I love the addition over our garage! We have more room to spread out and entertain guests. Thank you to the Mike Garcia team for a job well done!

Mr. Garcia,

We had heard so much about you by word of mouth over the years that signing on with your company for our addition was a “no-brainer”. As we near completion of our project, we want you to know that our expectations were exceeded every step of the way. Your employees, contractors, and subcontractors were able, professional, and exacting in their work. More importantly, they were the nicest group of people we have ever met, bar none. Congratulations for assembling this great collection of talent and kind souls.

They do you proud, sir.

P.S. When we build our dream home at the beach, I hope you will consider letting your guys work that far from home.

After a few weeks in our new house, we are still settling in (a longer process than we would have imagned), I think, beyond relief that it is over, two words express our feelings: Thank God! We are quite sure we would not have gotten through this process from February 2009 to today without the help of your whole family: Dave Enke, Ron Abrams, Robin Garcia, Cindy Enke, Matt Garcia, Mike Garcia (the leader) and the wonderful, patient Mike Mott. The house is wonderful, now we have to make it a home. Thank you for the house warming gift and for building it right. We look forward to seeing you again and not just for warranty repairs! Regards and best wishes for a wonderful 2010 and beyond to the Mike Garcia family.


We wish to express our appreciation for the outstanding work performed on our home modification. We also want to recognize Henry Frye and Carl Juran for their attention to detail and problem resolution skills. Their prompt attention and satifactory resolution of all the issues that arose during construction made us vary satisfied customers. Carl did a magnificent job in working around the many problems created by our architect. He also met with us immediately and began a survey of our project and provided critical information in a timely fashion. We had been trying to get the same information from another company for many weeks and Carl’s quick response convinced us we needed your organization for our project. Henry handled every problem swiftly and competantly. His confident attitude and ability to problem solve quickly conveyed to us the professional approach that we loved. Overall, we are very satisfied with your emplyees and would be glad to recommend your company to anyone contemplating a major renovation.

Dear Mike,

Wish there was some way I could make you fully understand how much I love this house. It is so incredible! I keep finding new treasures that were built in. We may have been told about each of them and Bob probably picked up on them but I was on sensory overload and could not hold on to all of the information. At any rate, thank you. It is so grand and I am almost over thinking that the “real” owners will come home, tell us “thank you, you can leave now.” We have your thoughtful candlestick gift on the piano for everyone to enjoy. We hope you will come by again and see what we have done to decorate your creation.

Dear Mike,

I have been remiss in sending this "Thank You" sooner – man this house is big and is taking up lots of our time! Hard to believe that 4 years ago, this property was once an uninhabitable terrain of hills and valleys and is now our "forever dream home"! Laurie, my mother, and I could not be more happy with how this house turned out. The entire process has been "relatively" pain free, too! You have an exceptional staff, Mike – EXCEPTIONAL! Please pass on our kudos to Matt – he proved so incredibly helpful answering my myriad of questions, and his suggestions for several vendors is to this day invaluable. That 3-season sun room is here because of him and I cannot wait to find time to sit in it! I am still sending him questions, and thankful that he is providing answers! Thank you SO MUCH for the Gift Certificate for bowling supplies! I had a blast today filling my online order! What a thoughtful gift – I will think of you each time I throw my neon purple and yellow ball smack dab in the gutter! I would be remiss if I did not point out how indebted we are to Mike Mott. We put 110% of our trust in him, and I truly believe that this project could not be completed without his dedication, knowledge, and hard work. He is also plain and simple – a nice guy. I normally believe that people are replaceable in the work force – he is the exception to my rule – a true gem. Our interior designer, Lorna Gross-Bryan, should have all items in place by the end of April or early May (lots of things needed to fill this house). She will be having the house professionally photographed at that time. I will ensure that you have some shots for your website! We will also make sure you and your family come back for a visit to see the fruits of your labor all decorated to boot! In sum, on behalf of Laurie, my mother, and I, thank you, thank you, thank you! Don't be a stranger now!

Think Long Term.

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