Remodeling Costs 101 Process

We're going to tell you a very important secret...there is no such thing as a cost per square foot in the remodeling world! High pressure salesmen use this as a tactic to weed out prospective clients prior to investing a great amount of time into a project, or to get a feel for where a client's budget may be. We occasionally use historical data to give a price range that a project will fall into, but no two remodeling projects are ever alike, so how can a square foot number from one job be used on another job with completely different conditions?

Grade differences from one house to another will affect foundation wall heights on additions, obstacles and access issues change between projects, number and sizes of windows will be different from one addition to the next, and client's taste and budget on finish materials will certainly vary


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So how do we price? We price each job independently based on what we see at each job and the information you give us about your wants/desires/tastes. Other factors that we may account for are the time of the year (if we need inside work because it is winter), whether a job requires an accelerated schedule because of upcoming party or event, our schedule of upcoming work, and the overall risk and difficulty of the job.

To help this process, we are going to attempt to break down the costs of remodeling jobs into price categories to aide both you and us in evaluating if we're a good fit for each other.

Think Long Term.

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