Reimagining Spaces: Custom Home Remodeling

At Mike Garcia Construction, we believe in the power of transformation. Our custom remodeling service is more than a renovation; it’s a reimagining of your living space. We work closely with you to bring your unique vision to life, ensuring that every corner of your home reflects your personal style and needs.

Our remodeling process is a journey of creativity and craftsmanship. We take pride in our ability to understand your desires and translate them into a living space that resonates with your life’s story. From modernizing outdated layouts to creating new, functional spaces, our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your home remodel.

Join us at Mike Garcia Construction, where your dream home is not just a concept, but a reality waiting to unfold. Let’s create a space that’s uniquely yours.


So how do we price? We price each job independently based on what we see at each job and the information you give us about your wants/desires/tastes. Other factors that we may account for are the time of the year (if we need inside work because it is winter), whether a job requires an accelerated schedule because of upcoming party or event, our schedule of upcoming work, and the overall risk and difficulty of the job.

To help this process, we are going to attempt to break down the costs of remodeling jobs into price categories to aide both you and us in evaluating if we're a good fit for each other.

Our Remodeling Projects

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