<P>Dear Mr. Garcia,

<P>We first heard of your company about four years ago when you gave a talk in Reston. You described how you build houses: low maintenance, with style, and to last. You said your employees and contractors are the highest quality and that you develop long term relationships to establish lasting commitments. You spoke of your houses as permanent residences from which your customers often did not intend to move. We liked what we heard, followed up, and are now at the other end of the cycle – we are moving into a Mike Garcia home. We are extremely happy with the house and expect we will continue to be. All we heard from you in the beginning has been born out by your actions and follow through. Though circumstances strained the work environment – contractors and materials became scarce – you still took it upon yourself to meet all commitments to me and my family. Dates were met and the highest standards of quality maintained. I also want to say that the whole experience of having a house built has been an especially positive one for me and my family. The wonderful people that work for you in “Mike Garcia Homes” have given us terrific support and turned a potentially stressful time into a happy and memorable one. It seems like there are countless things that had to come together to make our house and each of your people took it upon themselves to make it all work out for us. It has been an enjoyable year, we love the result, and this is in large part because of the individual commitment of the people that make up your company. We would like to thank all of them. Last. I want to thank you, Mr. Garcia. I believe your ideals for what make a good home, your commitment to people, your high standards, and your personal efforts to make it all work are the driving reasons for what has brought us to a happy point. We have a house that we love, that will serve us well, and that we can depend on for the years to come. Thank you. You still took it upon yourself to meet all commitments to me and my family. Dates were met and the highest standards of quality maintained.

Dear Mike,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much my family is enjoying our new home. We truly consider this a dream home and it seems that not a week goes by that we don’t notice additional touches and detail that separates you from other builders. First, your commitment to quality is evident throughout. The exterior walls (2x6s on 16″ centers) provide unbelievable strength and silence — even the windiest days go unnoticed. The large, sweeping, curved walls (glued and screwed) are simply impeccable and the fact that they are all draped with beautiful moldings make them extremely distinctive. Additionally, the exquisite flooring, cabinetry, and windows are frequent conversation pieces for our guests. Second, unlike the floor plans of many large homes, the floor plan of our Mike Garcia home is extremely open, inviting, and most important, functional. My wife and two daughters routinely use every room in the entire house. The spiral staircases, the open floor plan, the smart positioning of the rooms and balconies make the home not only beautiful, but comfortable too. It simply feels like home — as it should. This, coupled with the beautiful rolling fields and magnificent views of Evergreen Estates, remind us that we have been extremely fortunate to have found such quality in our home and our land. Third, the responsiveness from the Mike Garcia team has been remarkable as well. Dave Enke has always provided prompt, professional service, and Mike Mott is extremely knowledgeable and has taken hours out of his day to point out additional mechanical features of our home. In summary, we couldn’t be more pleased. The quality of the construction speaks for itself and the caring, accommodating team that you’ve created truly puts you in a class of your own.


<P>Dear Mike,

<P>As you may recall, ten years ago we contracted with your company to build a custom, all-brick residential home on a ten acre parcel in northern Prince William County. Our experience with your company during the planning and construction phase of our home could not have been better. Your staff was 100% professional in every possible way. Our questions and concerns were always addressed by you and your staff in a timely and helpful manner and we could not have asked for a better partner in our homebuilding adventure. We just wanted to let you know that after ten years of living in our custom dream home, we remain as satisfied as the day we moved in. The quality of materials used in the construction along with the extraordinary level of finish have maintained the appearance and function of our home like new. The fact that we have not experienced a single major problem with any aspect of our home during the past ten years evidences the unsurpassed level of quality and care employed by your company. We remain convinced that choosing your company to build our custom home was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Thank you for an extraordinary homebuilding experience!

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