Dear Mr. Garcia,

Your company recently completed the remodeling of our new home in Nokesville, VA, and I would like to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the results. A few minor items remain to be completed. Nevertheless, my wife and I have had the pleasure to witness the outstanding workmanship and professionalism of all of your employees who have been involved in this project. Henry’s initiative and “can do” attitude were very much appreciated. His actions were the contributing reasons that lead to issues being resolved in a timely manner. Henry truly represents the good name and reputation of your company.

Dear Mike,

The referenced project has been a long arduous task over the past 1.5 years involving some extremely difficult terrain and challenging logistics. In spite of the challenges, including the project site being on a mountain top, you overcame all obstacles. From dealing with the Prince William zoning board in an attempt to get a variance to hammer/hoe and removal of the solid rock when you began excavation for the garage until final completion, it has been a journey. But in spite of these obstacles on May 25, 2010 you handed me the keys to a home worthy of mention in the Architectural Digest. I would like to give a special thanks to Mike Mott, your site superintendent. His performance was outstanding during the entire project. He is professional, knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy. There was never any attempt on his part to dance around a problem or issue and most of the time recommend an appropriate solution to the problem at hand. His dedication to my project was outstanding. I would also like to thank Tina Bell and her support from the home office. She provided accurate billing and if any questions came up on specifications or selection of product she was always there to help. If in the future, there is a need for recommendation from a satisfied customer, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you again for your professional performance.

Mr. Garcia,

Diane and I want you to know that we consider our recent experience with Garcia Construction to be the most positive one we have ever had with a contractor working on our home. The professionalism displyed by your entire staff, from office personnel to the field, was exemplary. All personnel were courteous, thoughtful, and most importantly kept the customers needs to the forefront of their actions. A staff that provides this kind of support speaks highly of your operation. Please convey our thanks to them for an outstanding job. Although all personnel whom we came in contact with did an outstanding job we would remiss if we did not single out a few for special thanks. First we would like to recognize Carl Juran for putting the renovation plan together and helping us get it off the ground. Secondly, we would like to thank Sandy Gorur for her outstanding design work in making the addition fit our needs and a special thanks to Tina for her financial and coordination efforts. Last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to Henry Frye who worked with us on a daily basis for the last 3 months ensuring all that was beibng done met our needs and expectations. These individuals make a great team. It was a pleasure doing businesss with you and if we have any renovation or building in our future we will start by calling Garcia Construction.

Thanks for a job well done.

Dear Mike,

Kris and I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your commitment to excellence. It has been a real pleasure for us to know that after you completed our house that you and your staff have continued to ensure that we are completely satisfied. It seems every time you or Dave are in the area you stop by to make sure that everything is ok. I was so impressed when Dave called after we had been in our house for six months and asked if he could do a walk through to see if there was anything that might need to be redone. Buying our house from Garcia Construction was the easiest house we have ever purchased. We have appreciated the fact that you said what you would do and did it. Your help with laying out our rec room so that Kris could visualize the end result really helped her. When you said our house would be energy efficient you were not kidding. Our electric and gas bills are 20% less than that of our neighbors, with the same square footage. I think the biggest complement that I could give to you came from my father. Mike, you know my dad was a builder for 31 years. When he saw our house for the first time, he did one heck of an inspection. When he was done he said that this is the way a house was supposed to be built and that he couldn’t believe that in this day and age that we had found a builder who still showed pride in his work. Mike, Kris and I feel that building our house was a real partnership between us and Garcia Construction and I think we did one heck of a good job. Thanks again for all of your professionalism and that of your staff. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

We wanted to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff for our lovely home. Needless to say, building a new home is an exciting, as well as an often overwhelming undertaking. Thanks to your staff, the process was made easier. From the onset, Kathy Sobrio and Michael Bullington were extremely helpful in answering our many questions and allowing us access to the Stoneleigh Model (for measurements, family treks, etc.). I’m sure we set a record for the number of repeat visits to the model, and on each visit we were met by a smiling Kathy and/or Michael. They were never too busy to spend a few minutes chatting with us. Your office staff, Lisa, Jennifer, and Myrna were outstanding. They were always cordial and professional in their dealings with us. Dave and Jerry were a great help in the planning and design of our porch, as well as providing answers to our numerous questions. We love our deck and look forward to enjoying our porch in the near future. Andy and his crew have done an excellent job on both. Andy and Henry took great pains to make sure that we approved of the location and design of the stairs, as well as the design and layout of the deck and porch. We can’t say enough good things about Henry! Throughout this whole process Henry has been a saint. He answered our questions and often offered suggestions. He accommodated our schedule and met with us at our convenience (mornings, evenings and weekends). Even though his schedule is hectic and demanding, he always responded promptly to our calls. Despite the many demands placed upon Henry, he is always pleasant, polite and professional. Lastly, Mike, we would like to thank you. It was our pleasure to have our home built by a “quality” contractor.

Dear Mike,

We couldn’t imagine trusting our dream home to anybody but you. Thank you for making this possible for us… and thank you for surrounding yourself with the Best people! You have a first rate operation built on a foundation of quality, commitment and a love of what you are doing. That can only translate positively to your homeowners and to the general public that here is a builder to follow. When our friends tour our home and remark that this house already has heart, then you know that love, attention and talent are the building blocks. I’ve come a long way, baby… since the first time I sat across the table from you and Mr. Talent (Dave Guy). And although Wayne could see the future and the happiness that lay ahead, I needed the push, shove and convincing that this would work out. Now I’m leading the charge shouting from the hilltop that this was the most rewarding and ultimately, happiest journey I’ve been on. We feel blessed to have worked with so many wonderful people … and while we’re feeling so “generous” we think you should give everyone a raise!!! Please come see us anytime. You and your “family” are always welcomed.

With much Gratitude and Warmth,

Dear Mike,

As we continue the move-in into our new dream home, we want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you and your staff for one of the most positive experiences of our lives. We must admit, we worry a lot — especially when we spend lots of money! However, everyone on your staff was always professional and customer service oriented. In particular, working with Dave Micsky was a great pleasure! He’s a down to earth guy who knows his “stuff”. He was always willing to help and do the little extra things that make a big difference. We especially appreciate his honesty throughout the process. Everyone warned us to always be on guard when building a house. But very quickly we came to trust Dave and are very appreciative of the peace of mind he gave us throughout the construction process. At times it seemed as if he cared more about my house than we did!! Finally, Mike we want to let you know that we’ve never done business with any organization that lived up to the expectations created during the selling process. Your assistance in helping us acquire the land, your overwhelming flexibility in selections and options, and your finishing the project on time was truly appreciated. We take our hats off to you and your staff. You’re the first company to live up to and even exceed our expectations for sales and SERVICE.

Dear Mike and Robin,

Losing our home was one of the most difficult things that we have ever experienced in our life. It’s impossible to describe the pain we felt as we watched our dream of 25 years go up in flames. Our daughter didn’t have her stuffed animals to sleep with or her favorite pillow to lay her head on. We didn’t have warm clothes or even the most basic day-to-day items. Our hearts were broken and our lives felt out-of-control. There were times when we weren’t sure if we would make it through another day. God’s word says that all things, good and bad, work to the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose. We held on tight to that scripture, believing God would turn this tragedy into something that would be a testimony to His name. Today we are in a home more beautiful than we ever envisioned! We know that God’s word is true and He does His good works through good people like you. Thank you for not only building our home, but also for helping us begin to rebuild our lives. Thank you for being flexible with us and allowing us to do things that you don’t ordinarily let clients do. We realize that this type of home building is not what you normally do. That makes us even more grateful to you for accepting this job. We are proud to own a Mike Garcia Home.

Dear Mike,

I begin this correspondence by stating that Connie and I absolutely love our new home! Although there are still some minor issues to be resolved, we are getting used to the different features in the house and how everything operates. It is a beautiful house that we are very proud to call home. I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the Mike Garcia Construction team for the support and guidance throughout every aspect of this home buying experience. Connie and I are broke for awhile…but as we stand and gaze at our new home, we both feel that it is worth it. I want to particularly thank Dave and his team for the exceptional support rendered throughout this process. I was in touch with Dave constantly throughout this process and he always gave me good advice and kept me abreast of the schedule and what was happening. He was always quite honest with me and willing to listen and act on my concerns. He and his team are excellent ambassadors for the Mike Garcia Construction Company and name. Our thanks again for constructing a beautiful house and a cozy home.

Dear Mike,

We wanted to let you know that it is our pleasure to recommend Mike Garcia Construction to anyone interested in building a custom designed home. Quality work, quality materials, and attention to detail are distinct traits found throughout the house that you built for us. When we signed the purchase agreement, you promised us a high quality product and you more than delivered. We are proud to tell people that we live in a “Mike Garcia” built home. Another reason we highly recommend your company is the honesty, integrity, and high standards exhibited by you and your staff. Everyone was easy to work with and there were no surprises. Building a dream house should be a pleasant experience, and you made it one for us. “And Then Some” There are three little words that are the secret of Mike Garnia’s success…”and then some.” They are the difference between average people and the TOP people in most companies. The TOP people always do what is expected…”and then some.” They are thoughtful of others; they are considerate and kind…”and then some.” They meet their obligations and responsibilities fairly and squarely…”and then some.” They are good friends and helpful neighbors…”and then some.” They can be counted on in an emergency… “and then some.” We are thankful for people like Mike Garcia for they make the world more liveable. Their spirit of service is summed up in these little words…”and then some.” Mike Garcia guaranteed and delivered 100 percent customer satisfaction along with his beautiful homes.

Think Long Term.

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